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Tips to let your plants survive your holiday

Have you planned a summer holiday, but have no idea how to keep your plants alive? My friend Tina, specialised in plants, is here to give you a few survival tips for your plants!

  1. Water

You can’t do much for your plants during your holiday, but before you leave you can give both your indoor and outdoor plants a lot of water. You can also put your plants under the tap for a while so that the soil is well-soaked, but make sure no layer of water remains in the pot. This way, your plants will hold up just fine if you’re away from home for a few days.

2. Get help

If you go on holiday for a few weeks, it’s certainly wise to call for help. Ask a friend or your neighbour if they want to take care of your plants temporarily. If necessary, make a list of the water needs of each plant.

3. Shade and light

Some plants like a little sunlight, but this’ll dry out your plants much faster. You don’t have to move all the plants directly to the cellar but put them a little further from the window, for example. This also ensures that the plants don’t burn during a tropical day.

Free Five Succulent Plants Stock Photo

4. Put together

You’re doing your plants a great favour by putting them together. It’s not only cosy, but this way, plants can create a higher humidity. In addition, this trick also ensures that your friend or neighbour has taken care of your plants in no time.

5. Automatic watering

If your girlfriend or neighbour doesn’t have the time every day to take care of your plants, an automatic watering system could be a solution. Think, for example, of water drippers, where you fill the bulb with water in advance and then put it in the ground. The dripper ensures that your plants receive dosed water.

6. In a bathtub

If you have a holiday planned for about a week, a bath for your small houseplants can be a solution. You do this by first cleaning your bathtub well and removing all soap residue. Then place a cloth or bath mat on the bottom so that it’s not slippery. Now put all your small houseplants in a bath that you fill with quite the amount of water. Your plants can then choose when to drink.

Free Variety Of Green Plants Stock Photo

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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