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Your nail polish stays on longer when you’re on holiday this way

Maggie loves painting her nails whenever she’s walking barefoot. Now being on holiday, she wants to enjoy them for as long as possible. And thus, she came up with these tips for you too!

  1. Base coat and top coat

If you paint your nails yourself, don’t forget a base and top coat. These two products can often be found in the store next to the nail polish. A base coat is a transparent layer that you apply to your nails. This varnish ensures that your nails aren’t discoloured by the nail polish and the colour lasts longer. You apply a top coat after you’ve painted your nails. This polish gives your nails a nice shine and ensures that pieces crumble less quickly.

2. Short, round nails

Long nails are beautiful, but not the best option for a summer holiday. There’s a greater chance that your nails will break off and your regular nail salon isn’t around the corner. Choose short, round nails so that your nails tear and break less quickly.

3. Address cracks immediately

Have you discovered a crack in your beautifully painted nail? Don’t panic. It’s best to polish that piece of the nail first and then put a layer of top coat over it. This prevents the nail from tearing further.

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4. Cuticle oil

It’s often forgotten that it’s important to take good care of your nails with oil and lotion. So, lubricate your hands and nails regularly, especially if your hands are drier due to swimming and the sun, for example.

5. Gel polish or biab

If you find that regular nail polish doesn’t last long enough, you could try either of those two. Gel polish is a semi-permanent nail polish. This layer is cured under a UV or LED lamp and usually lasts about two to three weeks. Biab is the latest trend in the field of nails and is thicker than gel polish, but thinner than acrylic, for example. A reinforcement type of product is applied to your nails so that your own nails can grow. Biab often remains in place for about three to four weeks.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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