Research shows that you digest more fat with light exercise

A lot of exercise, strict diets that are difficult to maintain, and a good portion of perseverance: losing weight is a task, but to lose some pounds you don’t have to make it too difficult for yourself!

  1. Lose weight through light exercise

It’s true that you can lose weight by eating fewer calories than you burn. And daily exercise is definitely good for you. But you really don’t have to go to the gym three times a week to lose fat – unless, of course, you prefer working out that way. There’s nothing wrong with that. Anyone who has little need to completely change their life and adjust their diet doesn’t necessarily have to do that to digest fat. You just need to be a little more patient. Research shows that gentle exercise, such as walking or jogging for a while, can be a good way to lose fat. Without a special diet, but over a long period of months.

2. Keep it up for at least three years

Suppose you lose ten kilos if you regularly exercise light to moderately intensive. Then, according to research, there’s a good chance that those pounds will still be lost if you keep it up for three years (or longer). It often yields a good result if you adjust your lifestyle while losing weight to make it easier to maintain. In other words: you’ll gain more with this than with a rigorous diet (or heavy sport) where you initially lose a lot of weight, but which you eventually (maybe) not maintain. In addition, intensive exercise can make you more hungry, making it tempting to eat unhealthy snacks.

3. Digest fat

The key to success is digesting fat, according to research. With light to moderately intensive exercise, the body learns to digest relatively more fat, in proportion to carbohydrates, that other important source of energy. The appetite for food decreases over time and the subjects in the studies that followed the method also felt more satisfied when they ate something.

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18 thoughts on “Research shows that you digest more fat with light exercise

  1. This is definitely true. I started a new job the end of February and with that came a new health insurance company that I’m using. They have a program that I started in April and it’s all about changing the mindset on what you eat and then also giving ideas on exercise, too. Since April, I have lost 10 pounds. I feel so much better and even though I have more to lose, I feel as if I can finally do it and still enjoy what I was eating before, but modified 😊. Swapping certain ingredients with healthier substitutes makes such a difference and it really doesn’t have to cost that much more money. If you aren’t spending the money on junk food, you are putting that money towards healthier options.

    Before all this I was gaining 10 pounds every year it seemed… now, that weight is all finally coming off and I am very confident it will stay that way.

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    1. I’m so proud of you in every aspect! You’re doing amazing and I’m 100% sure you can keep it up that way! Be proud, because you have every right to be! I’m glad it’s having such a positive effect!


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