These signs mean that someone’s flirting with you

Maybe you want to find out if that one person truly likes you considering they keep acting differently whenever they’re around you. These signs are how you know you’re being flirted with!

  1. Eye contact

If someone likes you, you’ll notice that they look at you just a little longer than usual. Eye contact is a clear way of flirting. In this case, you can assume that someone finds you attractive.

2. A certain look

If someone’s interested in you, they’ll sometimes look at you for a couple of seconds. If this happens several times in a row, you can assume that you have attracted attention.

3. Play with clothing

If you like someone, it can of course make you nervous. Nervous traits, such as playing with your clothes, can then indicate that someone has a crush on you. Think of playing with your scarf or the buttons of your sweater.

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4. Teasing or awkward jokes

You might not expect it, but if someone makes defiant or teasing remarks, it can be certain that someone likes you. Often the person wants to know how you react to these comments. Jokes that are really hurtful or make you sad are of course not included.

5. Touching while talking

If someone touches you while talking, chances are they find you attractive. At that moment, areas in the brain are activated that are associated with attraction and sexuality.

6. Eyebrows

Another unexpected sign that someone likes you has to do with the eyebrows. Raising your eyebrows briefly can mean that someone likes you.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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