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Tips for a luxury holiday with a small budget

It’s wonderful to dream of a sun-filled holiday on an island like the Maldives, but the reality is that it’s not affordable for many people. But the good news for those who want a luxury holiday with a small budget: it’s possible! Okay, so the destination won’t be the Maldives, but the world has plenty of similar places that aren’t that expensive and still have plenty of quality left!

  1. Pick the right destination

And by the right destination, I mean to choose a destination that’s cheaper than where you actually want to go. Take the Maldives for example. You can also enjoy a luxury holiday in Mauritius, but for less money. Or look around Europe. Did you know that Sardinia is the Maldives of the EU? With beautiful beaches and clear blue water, you’ll feel like you’re in a beautiful destination and you don’t even have to leave Europe for it.

2. Book in low season

Whether you go on holiday within or outside Europe: those who book in the low season pay a lot less. That goes for beautiful hotels on a Greek island too, which can save you more than 1000 euros per week. If you take a good look at which months it’s best to travel without paying the top price, you’ll still get the piece of luxury, but for less.

3. Luxury room in a cheap hotel

Do you want to go to Ibiza, but think hotels are way too expensive? To experience a luxurious holiday, you can book a larger room or suite at a cheaper hotel. Then you may not have a room where you can jump into the pool as soon as you open the back door, but you do have the comfort you’re looking for.

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4. Go to a resort for a day

If you really want to go to a certain place, you can stay in a cheaper hotel and spend a day visiting that one luxurious hotel where you actually wanted to stay. This way you can taste a bit of it without your holiday immediately causing you to go bankrupt.

5. Book at a newly opened hotel

Tourism has been hit hard by the pandemic. This is partly why you can sometimes sleep for a lower amount at hotels that have only just opened their doors. This has many advantages: your room is brand new, you’re one of the first to ‘test’ the hotel and there are often discount codes available to fill the hotel as quickly as possible. Search Google for ‘new hotel’ and the holiday destination. You’ll probably come across something.

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