Does your dog feel at home? The sleeping position reveals it all!

Rolled up like a kind of donut or stretched out on its side: your dog assumes different sleeping positions during the day. Not only does your dog want to lie comfortably, but it also chooses its position based on how safe your dog feels. What each sleeping position means, you can see and read below!

  1. Curled up

It’s very cute when your dog is curled up with their paws underneath them. It can mean different things. Either they don’t feel comfortable in this environment, or they’re mainly concerned with retaining heat and protecting their organs.

2. On the side

Good news if your dog lies on their side: they feel at ease and safe. Dogs that dream violently or sleep deeply usually lie on their side. In any case, it’s nice to know that your sweet four-legged friend is relaxed in this environment.

3. On the back

Quiet dogs in particular tend to fall asleep with their paws up and lying on their backs. Super cute and the meaning is nice too. This sleeping position means that your dog feels 100 percent safe and at home. In addition, dogs sometimes lie on their backs to cool off, because the fur on the abdomen is thinner and the soles of the feet contain sweat glands.

Free Dark Yellow Labrador Retriever Lying on the Sea Shore Stock Photo

4. On your clothes

Yes, you have to get your clothes free of hair and fold them neatly, but it’s actually quite sweet when your dog is lying on your clothes. A dog adopts this sleeping position because they want to be close to you. The fact that your scent is in the clothing gives them a reassuring feeling when you’re not at home, for example.

5. On you

There’s nothing more endearing than your dog falling asleep on you. Your four-legged friend is cuddled up to you for some sleep, and it to you dates back to the time they were a puppy. As they get older they can continue to do this as a sense of comfort or a simple bit of comfort they remember from their puppyhood.

6. Stretched out

Is your dog stretched out on his stomach with his front legs forward and his hind legs back? It’s not quite sure why (especially smaller) dogs do this. But it probably has to do with temperature regulation. Make sure that your dog can cool down sufficiently when they’re warm.

Free Photo of Brown Dog Lying on Concrete Stock Photo

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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