Bored at the aeroport? Here’s what you can do to entertain yourself!

Is your flight delayed or are you simply bored easily? Here are some things you can do to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your plane!

  1. Walking or reading

Walk around the aeroport. Maybe get something to drink somewhere and/or see which flights are departing today. Don’t know a destination? Then turn it into a game to learn more about this destination. Done walking? Resolve yourself to read one chapter from a book you brought with you.

2. Talk

If you travel alone, you don’t have someone to talk to. However, you’ll be surprised how many people travel alone. Start a conversation and say, for example, that you’re a bit disappointed that the flight is delayed, but that you’re really looking forward to your trip. Optionally, you can drink a cup of coffee to make time go faster. You might even meet potential friends.

3. Learn more about your destination

Use your phone to learn a little more about your destination. You may be able to view recently posted photos of this place via social media. This way you can already dream about the bars, breakfast places, and cultural hotspots that you want to discover.

Free Red Airplane Stock Photo

4. Observe

It can be fun to observe other people whilst you’re waiting. What would their life normally look like? Would they be single or in a relationship? What would they do for work? Wondering all of this can help you think of a story you could potentially write about.

5. Dream about the next destination

Now that you’re at the aeroport and see which destinations are possible, you can already plan your next trip (mentally). Which country or continent attracts your attention, and why? Look up some more information about this destination online.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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