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Want to be a morning person? It’ll work with these tips!

Are you an evening person, but would you rather be a morning person? I’m kind of an ‘all around’ type when it comes to that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tips. So, allow me to share them with you!

  1. Five minutes

If you normally get up at eight in the morning, it’s very difficult to get out of bed two hours earlier in one go. By not being too hard on yourself, you reduce the chance that your plan to get up earlier will fail. So set your alarm for 07:55. If this works for a few days, then set the alarm for 07:50. This way you win a few minutes each time. You can keep motivating yourself through these small success experiences. If possible, write down an end goal. This could be, for example, that you would like to get up at 07.00 in a month.

2. Summer

Let’s be honest. In the summer, compared to the winter, it’s much easier to get up early. Your body is naturally awakened by the sun and the light. This is also the moment to create new habits. The temptation to stay in bed is now a lot less. If you have learned this habit, you can continue to do it in the winter as well.

3. Breakfast

Try to lure yourself out of bed by preparing yourself a tasty and nutritious breakfast. Take the time to, for example, fry yourself an egg or make a healthy juice for yourself. Go and get groceries for the whole week, so that you no longer have an excuse that there’s no food in the house. You can do these things because you now have more time in the morning.

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4. Alarm

It’s nice to change the sound of your alarm every now and then. Especially if the sound of your alarm clock is very loud and you always wake up restless because of this. Choose music that makes you happy and/or calm.

5. No phone

Many people immediately reach for their phones when they wake up. This means that your brain has to process a lot of stimuli immediately. Instead of using your phone, choose to plan for the day, write off feelings, or do a meditation.

6. Seasons

You’ll probably notice that you maintain a different rhythm in the summer than in the winter. Try to follow the rhythm of your body as much as possible. If your body tells you it’s tired at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., listen to this. Then, if you’re awakened by the sun at 6 a.m., don’t close the curtains. Your body tells you what it needs.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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16 thoughts on “Want to be a morning person? It’ll work with these tips!

  1. 6;30 a 7 uur ben ik wel bij deze ochtend mensen te noemen denk ik.
    Dan heb je zoveel aan je dan. En de eerste uren zo stil als je alleen bent. En als ik niet aangevallen wordt van enthousiasme van mijn kleine viervoeter 🀣🀣🀣

    Aum Shanti

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