This is why you should reread books

Almost everyone has a favourite book, a book that you might read again and again just like you’d watch a film over and over again. And that’s a good thing! Do you want to know why? Let me tell you the benefits!

  1. Reading skills

When you read a book for the first time, you often get a lot of information at once. As a result, you sometimes skip words or miss a certain part of the text. By rereading a book, you can read more fluently. By rereading books, connections are made between certain brain areas, which ultimately makes you a better reader.

2. Comprehension

By rereading books, you increase your language comprehension. For example, because you read a book again years later, this life experience ensures that you interpret the story differently and understand more what the writer originally intended. You’ll notice that every time you reread a book, new details will stand out and the story will change as a result.

3. Comfort

It’s fun and a form of luxury to discover and read new books. Yet rereading a book can also provide comfort and pleasure. Perhaps the book reminds you of your happy childhood and evokes nostalgia. By rereading a book, you remember who you were when you first read the book and you also see who you are now.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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