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Suffering from constipation? Tips that can help with that!

Do you have a stomachache and/or the feeling that you can’t go to the toilet? These tips can help you reduce constipation, which is by the way nothing to be ashamed of!

  1. Fibers

If you often suffer from constipation, you may not be getting enough fiber. Fiber ensures a well-functioning bowel movement. Products such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts contain a lot of fiber. If you get enough fiber, you can go to the toilet more easily.

2. Water

It’s important to drink plenty of water, especially when it’s hot outside. Dehydration is a common cause of constipation. If you don’t drink enough water, your body will try to retain the small amount of fluid it has. This makes your stools hard and makes it more difficult for you to go to the toilet.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics ensure a healthy intestinal flora and regular bowel movements. You can get probiotics by getting enough yogurt, tempeh, and kefir. Can’t do this? Then you can also opt for a probiotic supplement.

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4. Schedule

In general, after you wake up and after you have eaten, the colon will become active. You can try to train yourself to go to the bathroom every day when you get up. By doing this every day, your body will get used to it over time. There’s an automatic reflex as soon as you wake up.

5. Move regularly

Research shows that people who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from constipation. By moving, your intestines are stimulated to also get moving. Everything you have eaten is now digested faster. So, try to exercise for half an hour every day. This can also be a walk or yoga.

6. Posture

Instead of sitting on the toilet, adopting a squat position may help. This relaxes the pelvic floor and the large intestine will be straightened, making it easier for your stool to find its way out.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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