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Difficulty sleeping? You better stop doing these things!

It’s annoying when you often fail to fall asleep. It can be caused by many things. Stress, irregular sleeping schedule, etc. In the future, try to avoid these things to make sure you sleep a bit better!

  1. Screen time

You probably already know, but the blue light from the screen of your phone or laptop isn’t good. The blue light disrupts the production of melatonin, so you fall asleep less quickly. Instead, read a book. In the meantime, mute the lights and you’ll find yourself falling asleep much faster. Put your phone on your bedside table or in another room.

2. Coffee in the afternoon

If you don’t sleep well, it’s wise not to drink coffee in the afternoon. If you feel like you need some energy, take a walk or go outside. You’ll notice that after this you’ll feel a bit fitter and more alert.

3. Don’t be hungry

Try to eat healthy throughout the day and don’t go to bed feeling hungry. If you do this, you may wake up at night with a rumbling stomach and therefore look for something to eat. A small evening snack such as yogurt or apple with peanut butter is often enough to avoid that hunger. But don’t eat two hours before you go lay down. Your stomach won’t like that, trust me.

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4. Music

It’s nice to play your favourite music in the evening while you’re getting ready for the night. Just try to choose calm music to calm your brain. This gives your head the signal that it’s almost time to go to sleep. Too happy or busy music disrupts this process, causing you to lie awake longer.

5. To-do lists

You may think that making a to-do list before going to bed saves a lot of time the next day. The opposite is true. Doing this right before going to bed overstimulates your brain and leaves you preoccupied with the things that need to be done the next day. Make such a list at the end of the afternoon, so that you can start your evening routine afterwards.

6. Bedtime

After a couple of broken nights, you might want to be in bed by eight, but try not to. Try to go to bed (and get up) around the same time every day. This way your biological rhythm isn’t disturbed.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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