Curious what skin type you have? Let’s find out together!

Not sure what your skin type is? Read all about the different characteristics here and determine which skin care suits you best!

  1. Greasy skin

Do you have glowing skin at the end of the day? Suffer regularly from pimples and blackheads? Skin that feels oily? Run your finger over your forehead. Do you have a greasy layer on your finger? Compare it with, for example, the skin on your arm. Visible pores? With oily skin, the pores on your nose are often clearly visible. Can you answer ‘yes’ to everything? Use a cream that regulates sebum production and mattifies glowing skin.

2. Dry skin

Do you have skin that sometimes looks rough or dull? Light flakes when you rub your skin? Tight skin? Regularly chapped spots or cracks in your skin? Press your finger on your cheek: do you see small cracks appear? Can you answer ‘yes’ to everything? Use a nourishing cream that moisturises the skin and stimulates the production of sebum.

3. Normal skin

Do you have small pores? A soft, smooth skin texture? No sensitivities and irritations? Can you answer ‘yes’ to everything? You may occasionally have a pimple, but in general, your skin’s balanced. Go for a cream that maintains the moisture balance and protects against dirt.

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4. Mixed skin

Do you not recognise your skin in any of these skin types? A common combination is signs of oily skin on your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Think of visible pores, a greasy layer, and regular problems with impurities. Signs of normal or dry skin on your cheeks and jaws. In this case, your skin in the T-zone needs regulation of sebum production, on the non-greasy parts your skin benefits from hydration.

5. Sensitive skin

Do you have skin that reacts quickly to stimuli, such as temperature differences, cosmetic products, or creams? Suffer regularly from irritations, such as red spots or bumps? Have dry, chapped spots on your skin? Can you answer ‘yes’ to everything? Then your skin needs protection, strengthening, and soothing.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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