The most common mistakes when applying skin cream

There’s nothing better than starting your day with a freshly applied bit of cream on your face. At least, that’s my friend’s opinion. Maggie often sees her friends making many mistakes, and she’s here to share them with you!

  1. Unclean face

Clean skin absorbs the active ingredients from a cream much better. So, clean your face before applying the cream. This removes all the dirt that your skin has excreted during the night.

2. Apply to dry skin

Leave your face slightly damp after cleansing. Moist skin is able to absorb the cream, allowing the active ingredients to do their job better.

3. Using an opened jar

Do you spoon cream out of the jar with your fingers? Then there’s a good chance that you’ll leave bacteria behind that affect the product. As a result, you can suffer from irritations and impurities. Use a spoon to hygienically remove the cream from the jar, or choose a handy vacuum pump.

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4. Only your face

Don’t forget to include your neck and above your breasts in your routine. Those areas often show signs of skin aging because the skin there is a lot thinner than on your face.

5. The same creme for a whole year

Alternate your cream each season. Why? Because the care that your skin needs changes each season. By regularly alternating the active substances in a cream, you ensure that your skin always receives the right care. Good to know: your skin can’t become immune to the active substances with prolonged use of the same cream. You do give an extra boost by changing regularly.

6. No massaging

By massaging your skin, you stimulate it to absorb the active ingredients. This makes a cream more effective. In addition, the cream absorbs faster. Massage with outward movements to keep your skin flexible.

7. Doesn’t fit your skin type

Every skin has a specific need. One needs extra hydration, while the other benefits from a soothing cream. Keep this in mind when purchasing a cream.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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