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How to handle stress? Try these tips!

Have you been struggling with stress lately? Then try these tips to make it a little easier on yourself. And don’t forget to take some time to yourself as well every now and then!

  1. Self-compassion

Self-compassion isn’t the same as self-pity. Self-compassion will make you feel less attacked the moment something happens that causes stress. You may feel that there’s stress or pain, but you want to do everything you can to reduce these feelings and therefore take responsibility. You try to find a solution in a creative way.

2. Trauma

If you overreact to a particular stressor, there may be trauma. For example, the situation can resemble a situation that you have experienced before and that shocked you at the time. It’s important to find out if you’re suffering from trauma and to deal with it. Trauma doesn’t always have to be big and sometimes you can’t imagine that a specific situation from the past has made such an impression.

3. Way of thinking

Sometimes there are certain thinking patterns that can get in your way. For example, certain short, business emails can make you feel insecure if you don’t know the colleague well. You can reduce your stress response by making an agreement with yourself not to respond to the email immediately, but to read it again later.

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4. External factors

Your response to stress is partly determined by the environment. If you’re highly sensitive and you find yourself in a hard business world every day, it’s logical that you have to process a lot of stimuli and therefore experience a lot of stress.

5. Strong qualities

Try to find out what your strengths are when you’re confronted with stress. Perhaps you’re naturally very patient or you’re a star at creative problem-solving. Make the most of your beautiful, strong qualities.

6. Develop

Apart from the qualities you already possess, you can also work on new skills that you can use in stressful situations. Try to find out how you can calm yourself faster or discover which days of the week you feel most powerful. Plan appointments that you find exciting or difficult on these days.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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