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No motivation to exercise, work, or clean? Here are some useful tips!

Is your motivation to work, exercise, or clean hard to find? I’ve listed a number of useful tips for you to try and up that!

  1. Pretend

Ask yourself what you’d do if you had motivation right now. Then try to do that right away. Waiting for hours until you feel motivated enough to do something often doesn’t work. Once you’re at it, you’ll find yourself getting more and more motivated to actually complete your task.

2. Discussion

Often you have enough reasons not to do something you don’t feel like doing. You’re too tired, you’re busy, or too much is being asked of you. Try to come up with arguments to disprove these statements. Why would you manage to exercise or clean the kitchen today?

3. Self-compassion

Note: self-compassion doesn’t mean self-pity. Try to speak to yourself kindly and reward yourself when you have completed a task. Tell yourself that you think it’s great that, despite the fact that you’re not motivated, you still exercise.

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4. Ten-minute rule

Is your motivation really hard to find? Then apply the ten-minute rule. Try to exercise, work or clean for ten minutes. Still not feeling motivated? Then leave this task for what it is and focus on something else. Often this rule works well and you’ll notice that you’ll find your motivation again.

5. Walk in nature

Take yourself out of the environment and take a walk in nature. Fresh air and some exercise can give you new energy because you can completely relax mentally.

6. Combine

What can also help is to combine a tedious task with something fun. For example, think about exercising and listening to your favourite podcast or calling your best friend while you’re cleaning the bathroom.

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7. View

If you feel like you have too much to do in a short amount of time, make a to-do list. Write down which tasks are really important and which things can possibly wait a while. This way you create an overview and you experience more peace. This will also motivate you to complete your tasks.

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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