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How to take care of your dog during the summer

During the hot days (or during a heat wave) your dog also seeks ways to cool off. With these tips, you can offer your four-legged friend some comfort!

  1. Shade

Try to create a personal space in the garden for your dog. Maybe this is under a big tree in the shade. If you have a very small garden with a lot of sun, you could possibly buy a small tent for your dog. This way your dog can go outside every now and then, but it has its own place where it’s not too hot.

2. Pool

If you have a pool or live near water, it can be tempting to jump into the water with your dog. Be careful with this. If your dog feels hot, it can be dangerous to jump into the water. If this is done too abruptly, a dog’s body temperature can only rise further. So, put your dog with only its paws in the water. The paws regulate the body temperature of a dog.

3. Nebuliser

Some dogs are afraid of a garden hose because there’s a lot of pressure on it. So, try a garden hose with a nebuliser option to let your dog cool down. Many dogs find this nice and because of this, the costs aren’t so high.

Free Two Adult Harrier Dogs Standing Beside River Stock Photo

4. Towel

Place a damp towel in the freezer. After a few hours, take it out and put the towel over your dog. This way your dog can cool down.

5. Water

Change your dog’s water as often as you can. You can add some ice cubes every now and then to keep the water nice and cool. And don’t forget to bring bottled water. Your dog is very thirsty during a walk. You can put the water bottles in the freezer for a few hours before taking them with you.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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