Things your cat doesn’t like that are simultaneously misconceptions

Let’s face it: a cat (and really any other pet) is a full-fledged member of the family. You treat your four-legged friend as you’d treat your own children. So, there’s no lack of love, but did you know that most cats don’t like the following things?

  1. Petting tummy

Sometimes a cat rolls over and shows his or her tummy. This means that a cat feels comfortable and relaxed with you. Please note: this isn’t an invitation to pet the cat’s tummy. The tummy of a cat is very sensitive and that’s why a cat doesn’t like it when he or she is touched there. Some cats can tolerate touch, but most cats don’t like it. Showing the tummy is a good sign and indicates that he or she feels safe.

2. Cuddles

Cats are very cute, and sometimes you just want to pick them up and cuddle them. Often cats don’t like this. Especially the lifting gives the cat a tight feeling and he or she will want to escape as quickly as possible. For example, it’s a better idea to sit on the floor and wait for the cat to come to you on its own. Cuddling a cat can, unfortunately, lead to you being bitten or scratched. If you know your cat well, you know exactly which places are allowed to pet and which parts you should leave alone. Cats have a manual when it comes to petting. So, always try to pay attention when you pet a cat because they’re sensitive. Don’t pet too much and not too hard. The area around the head and neck is usually fine.

3. No scratching

You can’t train a cat to stop scratching. Scratching is a natural cat behaviour. Scratching keeps the claws in good condition. However, you could train a cat to mainly use the scratching post to scratch. If the cat uses the scratching post, you can reward him or her. Your cat will use the scratching post more often in the future.

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4. Loneliness

Yes, you can leave a cat at home alone longer than a dog. But even cats that are very secluded and only want attention when they ask for it, need company. If left alone for long periods of time, a cat can become agitated and develop feelings of anxiety and depression. Quality time with your cat every day works wonders. And having a second cat may help with loneliness, but it also has a downside. The four-legged friends can quickly become jealous. So, whether it’s food, a toy, or your undivided attention: they prefer to keep everything to themselves.

5. Litter box

With their fluffy feet in their own feces: cats don’t like it. People also don’t like sitting on a dirty toilet. That’s why it’s important to keep the litter box clean every day, otherwise every other day. Little effort, big pleasure. Some people think you should only clean it every month or every two weeks, but that’s a huge misconception. And also a very big no.

6. Noises

Cats hear literally everything, which means they hear everything way louder than we do. The popping of fireworks, the thunder, or even a big fight with lots of shouting… Cats don’t like it when something makes a lot of noise. It causes stress in a cat and you don’t want to do that to your four-legged friend. Moreover, chronic stress is really bad, because it can lead to behavioural and health problems, such as skittishness and aggression.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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