These factors affect a woman’s breast size

You may be wondering: what kind of article is this? Well, a colleague has a daughter who has recently started puberty. She heard about my blog and said she wanted to explain, as a biology teacher and mum, which factors can affect the breast size of a girl/woman. So, without further ado, I’ll let her take over.

  1. Genes

Your genes largely determine how your breasts develop. Genes are therefore an important indicator, but this doesn’t say everything. Your breasts can be influenced by a lot of other factors.

2. Weight

It’ll probably not surprise you, but your weight also has an effect on your breast size. Many women trying to lose weight often lose some weight in the breasts first. Especially if your breast is made up of a large proportion of fatty tissue, your breasts will shrink as soon as you lose weight. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for every woman. There are also women who lose weight and whose breast size remains the same.

3. Sports

Have you been exercising more fanatically lately? Then it’s possible that your breasts have changed in size. An exercise like the bench press, in particular, can help strengthen your pectoralis major, making your breasts stand out a little more than normal. So, your breast size doesn’t change, but they come out a little more.

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4. Menstruation

Have you ever noticed that your breasts are bigger when your period is due? This isn’t weird at all. During the second half of your cycle, the amount of progesterone hormone increases, making you more likely to retain water. This also applies to your breasts, which means that your breasts are larger. You’ll also be able to feel some more glands.

5. Birth control

It’s not a myth that birth control can cause bigger breasts. This is because birth control contains estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can cause more fluid retention in some women. This can make your breasts bigger. You’ll notice this difference especially if you’re just starting birth control.

6. Pregnancy

A lot happens in your body during your pregnancy. Your breasts will become more sensitive and it’s not surprising if you suddenly have a few cup sizes larger. This is partly due to hormonal fluctuations and weight gain. You’ll retain more fluid and your breasts may feel a little tense. The progesterone hormone increases during pregnancy, making it easier for your breasts to produce milk. Even after your pregnancy, your breasts may still feel swollen.

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7. Age

Your body changes throughout your life and there are many factors that affect your breast size. Think of hormones (starting with birth control, your period, pregnancy, and menopause), but your sports routine and weight loss also have an influence. As you get older, you’ll also notice that your breasts become a little less firm. Not surprising at all, because the elasticity of the skin decreases.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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