Reasons to go on holiday with your dog

Do you have doubts about going on holiday with your dog because you may be scared of your dog getting sick or confused? Well, I’ve listed these advantages for you to maybe change your mind!

  1. Stronger bond

Whether you’re going camping or exploring a new city, your dog will have to get used to a new environment. This is why your dog becomes more dependent on you. In addition, your dog will now receive more one-on-one attention. The bond between you and your dog becomes stronger.

2. Flexibility

When you go on holiday with your dog, you’ll always take him or her into account. You’ll have to figure out which places you can take your dog to and maybe things will turn out differently than you planned.

3. More peace

Going on holiday with other people can sometimes be quite tiring. You must constantly consider the needs and wishes of others. If you go on holiday with your dog, you’ll notice that you probably experience more peace. A dog lives in the moment and will enjoy the little things, such as beautiful nature.

4. Meeting people

If you go on holiday with your dog, you’ll come into contact with other dog owners. Many people love dogs and this way you can start a conversation in a light-hearted way.

Free Happy Brown and Black Beagle Walking on Green Grass Stock Photo

5. New spots

Dogs are often not allowed in tourist spots. So, you’ll discover alternative routes that may be even more beautiful. This’ll allow you to experience a unique holiday.

6. Safe

Taking your dog on holiday will probably make you feel a lot safer. You feel like you have a personal security guard near you all the time. Often a dog is more aware of when a certain situation or a certain person isn’t right.

7. Socialisation

During a holiday, a dog will have to get used to a new situation. Your dog discovers new environments, smells, and people. This will allow your dog to develop and change positively. Your dog will then be able to cope better with changes in his or her home environment.

8. Personal attention

Another advantage for your dog is that he or she can enjoy some personal attention. During a holiday you have fewer obligations and so you have more time and attention for your sweet four-legged friend.

Free  Person in Track Pants Walking A Black And White Border Collie Outdoors Stock Photo

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ā¤

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