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Tips to prevent an afternoon dip at work

There’s nothing more annoying than the well-known ‘done with work’ moment at work. With these tips, you can prevent an afternoon dip!

  1. Move around

You probably expected this tip, but it shouldn’t be missing from this list. Exercise makes your body produce endorphins and this makes you feel happier. You’ll also feel more energetic and your concentration will be increased. Don’t panic: you don’t have to do an intense workout to achieve this effect. A few simple yoga exercises or a short walk will give you more energy.

2. Drink water

Dehydration can lead to unpleasant complaints such as headaches and fatigue. There’s less blood flow to your brain and as a result, you can concentrate much less. To prevent this, it’s important to drink plenty of water. If you don’t like water very much, it might be an idea to add some fruit to it, for example. Try to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

3. Go outside

You may not always feel like it, but going outside for a while can help reduce fatigue. The production of vitamin D increases your serotonin production.

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4. Eat a snack

Certain snacks can boost your energy levels. Think of foods with complex carbohydrates. Sweet potato, oatmeal, and beans for example. Combine these foods with proteins such as cheese and nuts.

5. Aromatherapy

There are certain scents that can increase alertness and concentration. Examples include peppermint and citrus. These scents ensure that your brain functions better and your mood improves.

6. Do something else

If you’ve been working on the same task all day, it can help to do something completely different. For example, try to distract your brain with a simple task or schedule a phone appointment.

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