Are your plants nearly dead? This is how you bring them back to life

My friend, Tommy, loves plants. I myself don’t like them and have zero knowledge about them. He says that the leaves of a plant often tell how a plant is doing. With these tips, you can bring an almost dead plant back to life!

  1. Remove dead leaves/stems

Try to determine the cause of your nearly dead plant. After this, it’s important to remove all unhealthy leaves and stems. These unhealthy leaves and stems will no longer grow healthily, so it’s better to remove them immediately. If the stem is in good condition, it’s best to remove the leaves as close to the stem as possible with sharp pruning shears. If the stem itself doesn’t look healthy anymore, it’s better to remove it immediately.

2. Drying

Yellow leaves and wet soil mean you’ve overwatered your plant. You’ll also see that the leaves closest to the bottom often look the most unhealthy. It’s better not to water this plant at all to limit the damage. It can help to put the plant in the sun for a while to speed up this process. If you don’t think the problem will be solved quickly enough, you can also repot the plant. Keep in mind that this repotting can also provoke a stress response in the plant. Therefore, first, try to get the plant dry in its original pot.

3. Too little water

It’s also possible that your plant has received too little water. Often a plant has yellow leaves and the leaves are often curled. The solution, in this case, is simple. Give your plant enough water (it shouldn’t get too muddy) and see if the plant looks healthier again.

Free Green Indoor Potted Plant Lot Stock Photo

4. More light

If a plant doesn’t receive enough light, it can’t provide enough energy to keep the leaves in a healthy condition. To save energy, the plant will lose leaves. The solution to this problem is also quite simple. Place your plant in an environment with more light.

5. Fertilizer

If you think that the situations above don’t apply to your plant, then there may be a shortage of nutrients. In this case, you can choose to repot the plant with a nutrient-rich potting mix. You could also feed your plant with fertilizer. Fertilizer contains the right nutrients for a plant. Make sure that you don’t use too much because then the plant can get yellow leaves due to ‘burning’.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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