Dark circles under your eyes? These may be the causes!

You often think that dark circles under your eyes are the result of fatigue. However, there are also other causes. And I’ll discuss those today, while also adding some solutions!

  1. UV radiation

UV rays can cause the skin under your eyes to darken slightly. Your skin then produces more melanin (pigment in the skin) when it’s exposed to the sun. There’s hyperpigmentation, in which the circles have a brown colour. To remedy this, you could look at an eye cream with vitamin C.

2. Genetics

Some people naturally suffer from dark pigmentation under the eyes. It may then be genetic, which means that you’re more likely to suffer from these discolourations. Some people will always be bothered by it. This while others only get dark circles if, for example, they have slept too little or are under a lot of stress. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do about this cause. However, you can ensure that you always protect your skin well with SPF so that discolourations don’t worsen so quickly.

3. Rubbing

If you rub your eyes often, you can speed up the aging process of the skin around your eyes. Discolourations also occur faster because your pigment changes. For example, eczema around the eyes can cause people to rub their eyes often. What helps with this is to protect the skin around your eyes as much as possible by gently rubbing.

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4. Less volume

As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic. You can also suffer from dark circles under your eyes. You could look for a serum with retinol. Retinol works well against the aging process of your skin. The structure in your skin becomes more visible and you’ll notice dark circles less quickly.

5. Not enough sleep

In most cases, little sleep often causes dark circles under your eyes. A night with little sleep causes your body to produce more stress hormones. Little sleep causes the blood fiber on the surface of the skin to dilate. The solution to this is actually simple. Try to find out why you sleep poorly and see if you can do something about it.

6. Dehydration

If you haven’t had enough water or lost too much fluid, the skin under your eyes may darken a bit. You can reduce these spots by drinking more water and, for example, using an eye serum with hyaluronic. This ingredient moisturizes the skin.

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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14 thoughts on “Dark circles under your eyes? These may be the causes!

  1. I love your style of presenting information!!
    I’m a health and wellness blogger and I would love to write something like this in future.
    I agree with the points presented here, especially the dehydration one.
    I wrote a blog on dehydration yesterday, so I know what dehydration can do to human body.
    Overall a well written blog, keep sharing

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