Reasons why friendships may end

Some friendships are forever, while others end up stranded after a while. These are the four causes so that you’re aware of them and can try to make sure it doesn’t happen ahead of time!

  1. One-sidedness

If there’s little trust in a friendship and there’s no reciprocity, a friendship can end. Think, for example, of a friend who manipulates you or offers you little support. This person is mainly concerned with himself, herself, or themselves, and not so much with your wishes, needs, and dreams.

2. Not much contact

A friendship can also fall apart if there’s little contact. This may be because the physical distance is increasing or because the friendship is simply becoming less and less interesting. Research shows that especially for men, it’s often a reason to end a friendship.

3. Love

Research also shows that a friendship can end as soon as a friend is interested in you or your partner. Especially with women, this is often a reason to end a friendship.

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4. Friends and family

Both men and women end a friendship if family and/or other friends have a negative opinion about it. It is often said by the environment that a certain friendship has a negative effect on your behaviour.

5. Age

Research shows that older people, in particular, are more likely to end a friendship. In any case, it’s often very painful to let a friend go and you can experience this as a loss. You may feel restless, tense, and/or gloomy. Friendships are an important part of your life.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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