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Afraid to speak in public? Tips that make it easier!

Do you always dread it when you have to present something in front of a group? Then these tips might help you to understand that fear isn’t something to be ashamed of!

  1. You’re not alone

Let me reassure you in advance. About 77% of people find it scary to speak in public. Okay, I may not be one of that 77%, but I know many people who are. So, you’re certainly not alone. This thought may help you feel a little less anxious. The most intelligent and sociable people often have a fear of having to tell something in front of a group.

2. Natural response

Sweating, palpitations, and blushing as soon as you stand in front of a group of people? This is a very natural reaction of your body. As soon as you’re examined as a human being, your body’s first response is to run as fast as possible. Your body immediately releases adrenaline to make sure you walk away from the situation and are safe.

3. Be kind to yourself

Many people are hard on themselves when confronted with this fear of speaking. You may feel that you’re old enough to have this fear under control or find it embarrassing that you’re still flustered during a meeting at work. These thoughts unconsciously worsen the fear. Simple positive thoughts ensure that your nervous system calms down. For example, try to be proud of yourself for even joining the confrontation.

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4. Show yourself

Try not to see your presentation as a way to put yourself in the spotlight, but see it as giving yourself the space to show yourself to others. You probably have enough knowledge and talent to let your audience listen to you.

5. Mistakes are allowed

Try to keep in mind that things could also go wrong. Maybe you drop your cheat sheet or the microphone doesn’t work for a bit. Nothing to be worried about. By recognising that these things can happen to anyone, you’re probably less likely to get stressed out if it actually happens.

6. You’re better than you think

You probably think you’re the worst speaker ever, but you aren’t. Many people are very self-critical and are more likely to notice mistakes than others. By sharing your knowledge and talent, you’ll positively influence many people (unconsciously).

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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