My seventh book will be released on May 2nd!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, it’s about to come out! It’s only six days away from the official release! In today’s post, I’ll provide a little teaser, what you can expect in the upcoming days on my socials, and a few more things! Without further ado: let’s get started!

Yesterday, I posted my book cover reveal! I explicitly left the title out yet to share that later in the week, and to of course give my community some time to guess the potential title! Because the one guessing it right will receive a very special price! Anyway, I’ve read a comment that the cover looks to be a children’s book. I can assure you that that’s not the case. In fact, the language used may not be entirely suitable for kids. It’s a New Adult book, and YA could read it too.

Today, I’ll post an exclusive look at the protagonist! You can find that image on my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page as it’ll be shared at 11 a.m. BST/12 p.m. CEST! It’s hand-drawn by an amazing friend of mine, and the name reveal of the protagonist will also be shared on my socials. So, to see the image, click any of the clickable social media links a few sentences back!

Tomorrow, I’ll share the official book blurb! For those not familiar with the name, it’s basically the tiny summary on the back of a book. You know, the one telling you what the book is about! That’ll also leave room for a couple more guesses of the title, considering I doubt it’ll be guessed by then. So, go on, you’ve got plenty of time to take a guess!

On Thursday, I’ll share an exclusive look at the deuteragonist, also known as the protagonist’s best friend. You can, again, click any of the clickable links two blocks back to visit my social media pages for the image and name reveal!

On Friday, it’s time to reveal the pricing and where to buy the book. The pricing varies due to it being sold via three selling points. But all of that will be shared on Friday, so stay tuned!

Then on Saturday, it’s finally time for the title reveal! And not a moment too late, considering the book reveal will then be only two days away! You’ll get the full book cover image, shared on all my social media platforms as mentioned before!

And last but not least, to end the sneak peek weak before the official release, I’ll lastly share an exclusive look at the antagonist The name will be unknown to make sure it’s not immediately known who the enemy is from the get-go! Again, check my socials via the links provided.

Then Monday, it’s time for you to be officially able to buy my seventh book! What I can already reveal, is that it’s a sci-fi dystopian novel. There, cover reveal and genre reveal. Lucky bastards you guys are! I can’t wait to read all of your comments, and I definitely can’t wait to share the official story on Monday, May 2nd. The hype is real!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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