Suffer from anxiety? Then it’s best to avoid this

Do you ever feel anxious, restless, or even panicky? Then it’s better not to do these things. Why? Because trust me, it’ll only worsen those feelings.

  1. No rest

Try to set aside at least one hour a day for yourself to relax. You’ll feel better by putting your mental health first.

2. Eat unhealthily

Stress can make you eat more unhealthy foods. This makes you feel better for a while, but unhealthy food is also a form of stress for your body. Therefore, try to plan your meals in advance so that you’re not tempted to snack.

3. Unhealthy relationships

Try to associate with people who make you feel good and positive. Unhealthy relationships and/or friendships only lead to more fear and anxiety.

4. Social media

If you’re feeling down or tense, you may be tempted to grab your phone and endlessly scroll through Instagram. This causes you to compare yourself with people who do (seem to) feel good, which makes you feel even worse. Instead, try meeting people. A much better form of distraction.

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5. Caffeine

Unfortunately, caffeine causes even more stress in your body. Try an herbal tea or a simple glass of water.

6. Procrastination

If you’re feeling down, you may have a tendency to put off tasks. This makes no sense. Why? Because in the end, it has to happen anyway. Make a plan and don’t forget to reward yourself afterwards.

7. Plan too much

Try to keep your schedule clear. Don’t plan too much ahead and try to be in the here and now as much as possible. Making too many plans often can cause anxiety.

8. Sports

Of course, a good workout ensures that your body produces good hormones. If you’re already very tense, it’s better to opt for a quiet walk that can relax your nervous system. Save that hard workout for another time.

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9. Make conclusions

When you feel tense or anxious, you often don’t have a realistic view of the world around you. Try to focus on facts and not on assumptions that you don’t know the truth about. Take a deep breath and try not to jump to (negative) conclusions.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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