Things you recognise when you’re the ‘parent’ of your group of friends

Are you often seen as the ‘parent’ of your group of friends? Then you definitely recognise these things. I know I do because I’m always acting like a parent!

  1. Advice

One of the clearest signs that you’re the mother of your group of friends is when they come to you for advice. Friends always approach you first when they need some help making a decision.

2. Solve problems

If one of your friends has a problem, you immediately think of solutions. Whether it’s a small or big problem, you solve it.

3. Message

You take sending a message once you get home very seriously. Friends always have to let you know as soon as they get home safely. Because if they don’t, they’ll know you’ll be very mad at them.

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4. Arrangements

Whether it’s planning a friends’ weekend or splitting the bill, you take care of it. Literally everything. You like to organise everything to make sure it all goes according to plan.

5. Prepared

It seems that you’re prepared for all kinds of situations. In your bag, you’ll find chapstick for dry lips, pens if you have to write something, and painkillers if someone suddenly feels unwell.

6. Worries

You’re very concerned with the well-being of your friends. You remember important dates and details from the lives of all your friends. You never know when such information comes in handy.

7. Behaviour

You solve quarrels between friends in no time and even if a friend doesn’t behave properly, you address them about this. You prefer peace over fights.

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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