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No motivation whatsoever? Let me help you get that back!

Has your motivation at work been lacking lately? These tips will help you to find that motivation back. And believe me, I know all about losing it. So, let me share my tips and tricks with you!

  1. Send that email

Often there’s one task that you dread and that you keep putting off. Think, for example, of sending that one email or cleaning your email inbox. If you do this task, you’ll probably feel very relieved and also get motivated to take up other tasks. Yes, it takes some effort, but you’ll be very happy with it afterwards.

2. Small steps

Perhaps you’re currently working on a big project and you no longer have an overview of what still needs to be done. In addition, you also don’t pat yourself on the back for the things you’ve already done. Very sinful. What helps is to divide the project into smaller steps. This gives you an overview and you can end your day with a satisfying feeling. You can also reward yourself if you have taken another small step in the right direction.

3. Move around

If you don’t have motivation, you can feel bad mentally and physically. A certain routine may develop, one that no longer gives you energy. By moving around, you create happiness hormones and your imagination is stimulated. During your work breaks, walk your dog, take a walk with colleagues or do a short workout.

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4. Rewards

It has already been mentioned above, but it’s important to reward yourself every now and then for all that hard work you do. Reward yourself with your favourite coffee or lunch, and end the day with a tasty dinner. Also, take the time to enjoy these rewards. You worked hard for this.

5. Outfit

If you work from home, it’s very tempting to walk around in your sweatpants and not wear any makeup. Unfortunately, this can make you less productive. You don’t have to dress yourself up, but take good care of yourself. Choose a cheerful outfit, take care of your facial skin and apply some mascara if necessary.

6. Socialising

Humans are social creatures, so everyone needs social contact. Try to call a friend or colleague a few times a day. Even if you don’t have time right now, plan it for a later moment. Then you also have something to look forward to.

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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