This is why walking in the rain is good for you

When the rain comes pouring down, it’s not very tempting to go for a walk. However, this is actually very good for you. Why? Let me tell you why!

  1. Fresh air

When it rains, the air is a lot cleaner. This is because the raindrops ensure that the aerosols are removed from the atmosphere. The air is thus washed clean.

2. Calming effect

Many people find the smell of rain pleasant and because of this they relax. This scent can be calming both mentally and physically. This fragrance even has a name, namely: Petrichor. The molecules responsible for this smell are created by chemical reactions of plant debris and bacteria during dry and warm weather. These molecules are on the ground and as soon as it rains, the molecules mix with the air.

3. Long workout

Rain ensures that you’re less likely to overheat during a workout. This allows you to exercise for a longer period of time.

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4. More calories

When it’s cold and wet outside, you burn more calories. This is because you need more energy to maintain the workout.

5. Skin and hair

A walk in the rain improves the condition of your skin and hair. Your hair becomes softer and because of the rain, the pH value of your skin remains in balance.

6. Relax

When it rains, there are fewer people outside. Because it’s less crowded outside, people tend to relax a lot easier. You may need to motivate yourself, but the effects of a walk in the rain are promising.

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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20 thoughts on “This is why walking in the rain is good for you

  1. Lopen in de regen is niet mijn favoriet. Toch ga ik het vandaag ook doen, zodat ik even kan ontspannen met een frisse neus.

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