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Want to read more? Use these tips!

Reading is very healthy, but most people don’t even bother to pick up a book to read a story. With these five tips, you’ll be able to read more. If you can find time in your busy life, that is!

  1. Taste

You often come into contact with books because certain books are recommended and/or through favourable reviews from friends. Yet your taste in books is something very unique and it may be that the book that your boy/girlfriend thinks is great, doesn’t evoke many feelings in you. That may cause you to stop reading and/or conclude that reading is simply not your greatest hobby. Try to find out which book you liked very much. What features does this book have? What’s the main theme? Are the characters mature, are they told from different perspectives? Try to write down as much detail as possible. In this way, you’ll eventually discover your personal taste in books.

2. Hyped books

Every year a number of books are published that receive a lot of attention from the press. These are the books that are talked about and that you might see on social media. Some of these much-discussed books also receive an award, so it must be a good book. If you read the back cover of the book and it doesn’t get you excited, don’t read it. Again, not everyone likes to read the same books.

3. Social media

You can come into contact with people who have the same taste in books via Instagram, as well as via TikTok and Youtube. By following them, you’ll be introduced to new books that you probably love too. It’s also helpful to follow your favourite writers on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Often these are the places where new books are first announced.

Person Holding an Open Book

4. Reading

Once you’ve found a good book, it’s important to read carefully. Find a quiet space (for example your bedroom), where you’ll find few distractions. Agree with yourself to read about 60 pages. This way you give yourself the chance to really dive into the story, get to know the characters, and discover the writing style. There’s a very good chance that you won’t be able to stop reading after that.

5. Finish reading

Maybe it feels like a failure to not finish a book? Especially if you’ve already read quite a few chapters and the end is in sight. However, you may find that the book is disappointing. Don’t be ashamed, put the book away and choose another book to start with. Reading should be fun, not an obligation.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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