13 March 2022: The Wanted concert

Finally, after 2 whole years, I’ve been to a concert again! Sadly not in the country I’m currently living in as most still keep getting cancelled or rescheduled, but the UK ones are happening! And I listened to this band during my high school period, while also being full emo. I know, weird combination.

Anyway, I went to this concert in the AO Arena in Manchester as it’s probably gonna be their last tour considering one of the boys has an incurable brain tumour, making it all the more painful as they had quit with the band in 2014, and have now come back to perform one last time together. Anyway, enough sadness. Let’s start with the concert review!

They brought Harper Starlin, Rozzell, and HRVY as their support acts. I’ve seen Harper, definitely not my thing. Neither was Rozzell. I guess HRVY was okay, but I missed quite a lot of Rozzell and HRVY considering I was meeting one of my best friends at the arena! We’ve known each other for five years but had never met before. And now, we finally met! And it was the best time I’ve ever had. I’m so incredibly grateful we were finally able to meet ❀ The Wanted entered the stage around 9.15 pm. We had very good seats and were able to see the whole stage without being blocked by anyone else, which was a huge plus.

They performed 15 songs for us that night and two medleys:

  • All Time Low
  • Lightning
  • Lose My Mind
  • Behind Bars/Say It On The Radio/Replace Your Heart
  • Rocket/Demons/In The Middle
  • Colours
  • I Found You
  • Heart Vacancy
  • Could This Be Love
  • Warzone
  • Show Me Love (America)
  • Rule The World
  • Walks Like Rihanna
  • Chasing The Sun
  • We Own The Night
  • Gold Forever
  • Glad You Came

The concert ended at around 10:45 p.m. After that, we walked back to our hotel, The Mitre, which was honestly a five-minute walk away from the arena. They performed for 1,5 hours. And the way they perform, it’s just indescribable and unforgettable. And Nathan’s voice is so beautiful! I knew his voice had an amazing range, but hearing it live. My god! Max also has an amazing voice live! Siva and Jay were pretty good too, but they didn’t match Nathan’s range as much. Still, they all sounded absolutely amazing together and the whole set-up was so cool! The videos, the lights, the stage itself! Best experience ever!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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