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Your zodiac sign tells you your favourite ice cream!

Do you love vanilla ice cream, or do you enjoy chocolate ice cream more? Based on your zodiac sign, this ice cream would suit you perfectly!


An Aquarius is very concerned with others and will always help where necessary. Ice cream with coconut and avocado flavour could become your new ice cream addiction. For example, there’s no dairy in it.


Pisces often try to see things in a new way. Pisces are artistic and creative. This is why they’ll choose ice cream with different colours and flavours. For example, think of cheerful rainbow ice creams.


An Aries loves to try new things. You’re quite adventurous and people see you as a natural leader. You can also appreciate originality and you’re not someone who goes with the crowd. This is why a green tea ice cream would suit your personality perfectly.


A Taurus loves luxury and finds it important that food is presented beautifully. In addition, you also find it important that the food is actually tasty. So, it must be a combination of the two. Think, for example, of a sundae ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Assorted-flavor Ice Cream in Display Shelf Selective Focus Photography


Gemini can find it hard to choose, but why choose when it comes to ice cream? For Gemini, for example, a combination of chocolate ice cream and peanut butter ice cream would be perfect.


Cancer can sometimes have a harsh appearance. Once you get to know him or her, you’ll see just how sweet and caring a Cancer really is. Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate dip is perfect for you. A hard outside, combined with a soft inside.


A Leo thinks it’s important to always have fun and celebrate life. This is why a big banana split will be your choice. You can fully enjoy this.


A Virgo likes to take good care of her/himself. It’s fine to indulge every now and then, but it has to be limited. Frozen yogurt is therefore completely your thing. Possibly with some fruit as decoration.

Assorted Ice Creams


Balance is important to a Libra. You’re happiest when the people around you get along. The cookie dough flavour is in line with this. The small pieces of chocolate go perfectly with the creamy vanilla ice cream. You prefer to eat this ice cream with your best friends.


A Scorpio can sometimes be seen as dark or mysterious. People can’t always understand you. A scoop of dark chocolate fits this zodiac sign. Dark chocolate has a more intense taste than normal chocolate. A Scorpio can really enjoy this.


A Sagittarius loves to travel and prefers to be on an adventure all day long. Ice cream with a coffee flavour is therefore really something for you. You can find this ice cream almost everywhere. In addition, this type of ice cream gives you the energy you need to continue.


A Capricorn often values ​​traditions. You’re not sensitive to new trends, but you value quality and consistency. This is why a vanilla ice cream with disco dip makes you happy. A real classic and you can never go wrong with that.

Brown Cone With White Sprinkled Icing

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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