These are the most affectionate cat breeds!

Are cats more distant than dogs? Nope, especially these cat breeds love to be around you all the time! And with other cat breeds: it of course always depends on their character! Please note: hereditary disorders are common in purebred cats.

  1. Birman

This cat has striking blue eyes and a wonderfully soft coat. These cats are usually not that active and find it much nicer to lie on the couch with you.

2. Persian

Such a cutie too. This fluffy cat is very popular especially in America and needs quite a bit of attention and care. He or she makes up for this with hugs and lots of love.

3. Sphynx

A cat doesn’t necessarily need a lot of fur to be able to cuddle well. The sphynx proves this. Often these cats have a striking personality and demand a lot of attention. Chances are he or she will be waiting at the door when you get home.

4. Siamese

One of the most famous cats is the Siamese. Not only is it a beautiful cat to look at, he or she also likes to be around people. A real companion animal.

Cute curious cat in room

5. Balinese

The Balinese is very intuitive and immediately notices if you’re not feeling well. He or she will adapt to your state of mind at that moment.

6. Maine Coon

A beautiful long-haired cat who loves to cuddle. The fur of this cat is so soft that you’d like to lie against it all day long.

7. Cornish rex

A unique cat with large ears and a slender body. Often the cat has a soft fur with curls that you’d like to stroke for hours.

8. Burmese

You won’t please this cat with other cats in the house. However, he or she is very devoted to the owner. He or she will do everything for you. A young Burmese is fairly active, but as it gets older this decreases. The cat then needs much more rest and cuddles.

Brown Cat

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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