The tricks that restaurants use to make sure you spend more money

You’ve probably experienced it before: you planned to order just one dish in the restaurant, and you ended up with a complete menu. Chances are you’ve fallen for some clever tricks.

  1. Layout

Did you know that most menus are in order from cheap to expensive? When you’ve looked at the dishes on all pages, there’s a good chance that you’ve already forgotten the first meals. The latter – and most expensive – on the other hand, are still fresh in your mind.

2. Images

Sometimes there are pictures on the menu for certain dishes. Not only does this make you feel like you’d want to eat, but you’ll also remember the meal better.

3. Prepositions

Furthermore, restaurants often use certain prepositions to promote dishes. Think, for example, of ‘grandmother’s meatballs’, which sounds nostalgic. Words such as “deliciously juicy” or “deliciously fresh” can also be used in the description, which can unconsciously steer you in a certain direction.

4. Expensive dishes

By making the price of a certain dish extra high, the other meals immediately seem a lot cheaper. As a result, you feel that you’ve made a cheap choice, while in reality, it’s not that bad.

Table in Vintage Restaurant

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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