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What happens to your body when you eat a banana every day?

Did you know that bananas are the most eaten food in the world after rice, grain, and corn? With that, there are many more things you should know about bananas. They’re particularly healthy, and I have listed the most important health benefits for you!

  1. Bananas contain a lot of potassium, a mineral that plays an important role in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system. Potassium also lowers blood pressure.
  2. They’re also good for no less than five of the eight B vitamins, which are of great importance for the nervous system.
  3. Bananas are an almost unbeatable source of vitamin B6: a banana provides 40% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6. This vitamin is important for your resistance, indispensable for good digestion and it also keeps the blood sugar level in balance, which can prevent mood swings.
  4. Because bananas keep blood sugar levels stable, eating a banana can also help with morning sickness for pregnant women.
  5. With the combination of potassium and vitamin B6, bananas help fight hangovers. Make a banana milkshake for the fastest results.
  6. Bananas contain tryptophan, which is essential for the production of serotonin. Indeed, that chemical nerve that makes you feel happy.
  7. Because bananas are full of antioxidants, eating bananas regularly can reduce the risk of kidney cancer.
  8. Trouble with your bowel movements? Eat a banana! This is because it’s full of soluble fibers such as pectin that can restore bowel movements, both in case of diarrhea and constipation.
  9. Bananas help neutralise heartburn and thus prevent an ulcer.
  10. In addition to vitamin B, bananas are also high in potassium, a mineral that’s necessary for the proper function of the heart, kidneys and especially the brain.
  11. Eating bananas can help against sweaty feet. No joke!
  12. Quit smoking? The combination of vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium and potassium help the body to recover after nicotine deficiency.
  13. Bananas and apples are the most eaten fruits, but compared to apples, bananas contain 4x as much protein, 2x as much carbohydrates, 3x as much phosphorus and 5x as much vitamin A and iron.
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26 thoughts on “What happens to your body when you eat a banana every day?

  1. Very informative! Bananas are the first ingredient in my wife’s cure for a sick stomach diet. She calls it the BRATT diet for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and tea. Now I know why bananas work.

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