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How to remove the brown stains on your cups after you’ve drunk tea

As a British person, this is something I struggle with daily in my household. The reason this happens? Tea contains tannin (or tannic acid) which gives the tea its colour. Tannin is used as an agent for many dyes such as in the tanning of leather and in making ink, hence the reason that a stain is left in cups. Anyway, how to remove them, you ask? I’ll tell you how!

  1. Sodium carbonate

Fill your sink with hot water and add a lot of sodium carbonate. You can then leave the dirty glasses in the water for at least an hour. Finished? Go over it with a washing-up brush or sponge and rinse the glasses. You’ll see that they’re like new again.

2. Salt

Salt is also a good way to remove brown deposits. Place your tea glasses in the sink, moisten them a bit and add a generous scoop of salt. Rub the discoloured areas with your fingers. When you have rubbed in the salt well, you can rinse the glasses.

3. Lemon juice

You can also choose to put some lemon juice in the dirty glasses. Then add some hot water. Leave them overnight and clean the glasses the next day with a cloth or sponge.

4. Denture cleaner (Steradent)

Steradent are tablets that are normally used to clean dentures. But did you know that you can also use them against brown deposits? Fill your glasses with hot water and add a tablet. You’ll see that it’ll fizz. Leave the glasses for a while, and then rinse them well. They’ll be as good as new!

Person Holding Blue Ceramic Teapot Pouring Tea on Clear Drinking Glass

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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