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Tips to make sure your jewellery stays beautiful for a long time

My friend Sarah works at a jewellery store and knows all about how to take care of your jewellery for a long and happy life. I’ll make way for her so she can provide her tips and share her expertise!

  1. No perfume

This may sound logical, but in reality, people often spray perfume on their jewellery unnoticed. How often does it happen that your makeup and hair are done, and you’re wearing your party outfit? The last step is the spray of perfume. A little bit of a spray on your neck and on your wrists, and before you know it your necklace, rings and bracelets are covered in perfume. This ensures that your jewellery becomes dull. The best way to prevent this is by spraying perfume before putting on the jewellery. Not only perfume but also hairspray, makeup and soap can cause your jewellery to become dull.

2. The 3 S’s

It may be easiest to keep everything on, but you don’t lie still when you sleep. While turning, your jewellery will chafe and it may even snag. This can lead to minor scratches or dull colours. If you want to keep jewellery beautiful, it’s a small effort to take them off for the night. Jewellery can become dull not only while sleeping but also during a shower. If you ensure that not too much shampoo ends up on the jewellery, the damage is limited. What you should avoid, however, is chlorinated water. So, if you go to the pool, it’s advisable to take off all your jewellery.

3. Quality

The quality of the jewellery naturally plays a major role in becoming dull and ugly. Always go for good quality so that your jewellery lasts longer. There’s usually a price tag attached to this, but if the jewellery stays beautiful for a long time, you’ll ultimately save money. If you choose a cheaper variant, which is ugly after six months, you buy something else and you’ll end up paying more.

Set of luxury golden jewelry

4. Where to keep?

I think everyone has a container in the bedroom with different jewellery in it. This isn’t the best place for the jewellery itself. Because you keep them all in one container, they get tangled. When you want to untangle them again, the jewellery rubs against each other. This causes minor scratches and damage. So, always keep jewellery in a jewellery box or on a rack where necklaces, bracelets and rings have a separate corner. That way they stay beautiful the longest.

5. Clean them

I know, not the most fun thing to do. But cleaning your jewellery regularly is very important if you want them to stay beautiful for a long time. You can polish jewellery with many different things. For example, silver polish, but also with something that everyone has at home, such as soda in combination with aluminium foil.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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