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Going on a first date? These are the best conversation topics

Planning a first date with that cute guy/girl? Already thinking of the worst-case scenario? Don’t panic. These are the best conversation topics to get to know your date better.

  1. Things you already know

Make it easy on yourself by asking questions about things you already know. Maybe you met online and you happen to know that he or she likes sports or likes action films. If you have a mutual friend, you can ask how he or she knows this person. Use this topic as a starting point.

2. Interests

It’s very obvious to ask your date what he or she does for work. Make the question more interesting by asking at what point he or she decided to do the work he or she is doing now. You can also ask if there was something or someone who inspired him or her to choose this job.

3. Reaction

Try to pay close attention to how your date responds to you. If the person starts talking about himself after your story, he or she is mainly concerned with himself. You can also estimate how your date is in life by listening to his or her stories. Think of positive and/or negative comments. Then you can think about whether this person suits you in terms of life attitude.

4. Talent

What are your date’s talents? Or in what area would he or she like to grow in the future?

5. Family and friends

Try to find out which family members and/or friends play an important role in your date’s life. Are they people he or she has known for a long time or are they recently developed friendships?

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6. Life

Ask your date what his or her definition of a good life is. This question will help you find out which things are important to your date. This way you can see if these correspond to the things that make you happy.

7. Travelling

Some people like to travel and want to discover the whole world. Other people prefer to stay close to family and friends. So, ask what your date thinks about this.

8. Memories

Ask about the best moments of his or her life. Have they experienced these memories alone or with others? By asking this question, you get to know a completely different side of someone.

9. Deal breakers

Ask which traits or preferences are real deal breakers for your date. I’m not talking about external preferences here but think of religion and a certain attitude to life.

10. Originality

If you really don’t know what to talk about anymore, you can always ask some funny questions. Ask about someone’s biggest misstep or greatest moment during their high school days?

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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