Things humans do that cats dislike

We all know that cats are finicky creatures, and cats don’t like certain things with a fiery passion. It’s pretty easy to figure out when your cat is annoyed by you. The tricky part is knowing exactly what you’ve done to provoke their ill will. To find out, you have to dig deep into the cat’s psyche.

  1. Making loud noises

Cats are like your elderly neighbours who don’t like loud noises. Loud music, yelling, karaoke in the living room, obnoxious laughter – it’s all too much for a small cat’s ears. Cats hate loud noises, and they hate it, even more, when those loud noises happen unexpectedly. It’s important to know that cat ears are tuned to pick up high frequencies that humans can’t hear. Their ears are even better than dogs when it comes to hearing high-pitched sounds. This makes them extra sensitive to sounds and they appreciate their people turning the volume down.

2. Lacking house chores

The life of a cat: snoozing, sunbathing, licking, and more napping, while nights are defined by crazy zooms around the house and nighttime explorations. They enjoy their lives without responsibility, but that doesn’t mean their humans can get rid of it so easily. Cats rely on their caretakers to perform all the tasks that make cats’ lives clean and carefree. The most important task is cleaning the litter box. If the litter box isn’t cleaned for a few days, your cat won’t be happy. Our cats also expect their meals to be served on time and their water bowls refilled regularly.

3. Waking them up

This one is very obvious. Do you like it when someone ruins your sleep? Of course not. Cats sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day and they appreciate all those hours of sleep. Waking up a sleeping cat is never a good idea. If you must do it, I recommend doing it slowly and with sweet head scratches.

4. Smothering attention

All cats are different when it comes to how much attention they prefer. Some cats are completely cuddly and are happy when they’re petted – or at the very least touched. Most cats have stricter rules regarding how and when they’re touched. They don’t like hugs and they absolutely despise kisses. Head pats and butt scratches are okay, but only as long as they allow it. If you suffocate your cat with love, they’re more likely to withdraw annoyed than purr with returned affection.

5. Dressing them up

Cats hate being forced to wear clothes. Most think it’s super inconvenient, not to mention embarrassing. And this uncomfortable feeling stimulates them and often causes them to go limp. Cats don’t like clothes, so respect your cat’s wishes by treating them to treats instead of sweaters.

6. Introducing new people

Many cats love children. From babies to teens, cats and children can have great relationships. Even if your cat doesn’t like the little one(s) right away, at least they can learn to tolerate them. The problem arises when you treat your cat like a free petting zoo. Small hands aren’t always the best at handling animals. They pull, push and knock too hard. Kids love to chase and scream, and all of that can seriously confuse your cat. It’s okay to introduce kids to cats, but it’s best to do it slowly. Make sure the kids know the rules for playing with a pet and how to respect an animal.

Assorted Color Kittens

7. Working long hours

Just because your cat hates being smothered, that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. All cats deserve your time and attention, and they don’t like to be ignored. Being home alone while you work is okay (they probably sleep all day anyway), but most cats can’t wait for their humans to finally come back. They see you not only as their caretaker but also as their best friend. If they’re away from you for too long, they’ll get sad, and they want you to be available when they feel the need to cuddle.

8. Spraying stuff

To cats, most artificial scents are offensive. Even your perfume and hand lotion can irritate a cat’s sensitive sense of smell. They love your natural scent, and they get irritated and confused if you try to cover it up. If you insist on using an air freshener or perfume, your cat hopes you choose a scent they like, such as salmon or catnip.

9. Interrupting playtime

If you’re going to start a play session, it better lasts a while. Cats hate it when you get them all excited and then take it away without a warning. Their little hearts start racing at the first movement of a feather toy, and it’s no fun when that energy stops after just a few minutes. Cats don’t understand why their humans have to stop playing so suddenly – they want to be in charge.

10. Wrong food

Nothing gets on a cat’s nerves like a human who insists on buying the wrong food. Cats are picky eaters and it may take a few tries to find a cat food brand and recipe that satisfies them. Some cats have allergies and food sensitivities, and many others simply have explainable preferences. The point is, your cat wants you to find out what food they like. The same goes for treats.

11. Make changes in their routine

If your cat is used to the same people coming and going at certain times and having meals at a specific time, they want you to stick with that routine. Cats hate surprises. They probably won’t respond well to visitors (unless they’re super outgoing and looking for love), and they despise waiting for dinner. You’ll stay on your cat’s good side if you keep life as predictable as possible. That doesn’t mean your cat won’t appreciate a new toy. You just have to learn what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Black and White Tabby Cats Sleeping on Red Textile

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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