The things you recognise when you share your birthday with Christmas!

Most people sing ”Happy Birthday” when it’s someone’s birthday. But when your birthday is close to Christmas, you hear Christmas carols around you. Your birthday, therefore, feels very different from most birthdays. If your birthday is around Christmas, then the points below will probably sound familiar to you!

  1. When you tell people the date of your birthday, they’re momentarily confused. “Wait, isn’t that at Christmas?”
  2. This is immediately followed by the question: ”Don’t you find that annoying? It doesn’t seem like much fun to me.” And your answer is always: ”No, I don’t mind. I’m used to it.”
  3. You secretly like that your birthday is surrounded by the magic of December.
  4. The moment it’s December 1st, you start counting down.
  5. You don’t use the advent calendar to count down for Christmas, but for your birthday. In addition, you actually get a mini gift every day.
  6. Christmas music gets you in the mood for your birthday.
  7. Because your birthday is in the last month of the year, it feels like you have to wait extra long for your birthday.
  8. During the gourmet dinner with your family, you’re always the centre of attention. And you get extra meat. (If you’re not a vegetarian like me).
  9. You don’t get birthday cards, but Christmas cards with money in them.
  10. Your presents are always extra festively wrapped, decorated with Christmas paper and other Christmas frills.
  11. People say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Birthday.”
  12. You’re free on your birthday by default (at least when it comes to school. Not all jobs give you time off, but most do).

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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