The reasons why you and your ex can stay friends

No matter what, breaking up isn’t nice. The phrase “but we can still be friends” comes up often. A great idea of ​​course, but is it possible to stay friends with your ex? If you recognise the following, there’s a good chance that your relationship can turn into a friendship.

  1. No cheating

When one of you has cheated, it can take a toll on trust. You’re reminded of the pain each time you see them, and the trust can’t be restored. Whereas if neither of you has cheated, and you just broke up for other reasons such as falling out of love or perhaps having a different sexuality, it creates more trust.

2. There for you

If he or she was always there for you and treated you lovingly, you know that he or she’s a person with a good heart. And then you can definitely stay friends with that person.

3. Friends before

Before you fell in love, you were friends first. This makes everything a little easier because you know which level you can return to as friends.

4. Never boring

If you had a lot of fun in your relationship, you know that the friendship will never get boring.

5. Brother/sister

If you felt comfortable with him or her, then there’s definitely the potential to remain friends. The brother-sister feeling ensures that you don’t fall back into your old love pattern.

6. Want what’s best

It can be quite difficult to see your ex with another lover. If you treat this with respect and allow each other to start a new relationship, it’s a lot easier to stay friends. Make sure you know what can and can’t be done, and you’ll be fine.

7. Better relationship

The love may be gone, but you can still get along with your ex. It even feels a little more natural when you interact as friends.

8. Good talk

It’s important that you can communicate together so that there’s no unpleasant atmosphere when something bothers you. Otherwise, your irritations will only pile up, and that can be to the detriment of your friendship.

9. Respect choices

If your ex needs more space to process the two of you breaking up, then it’s best to respect this decision. Breaking up isn’t easy and it takes time to accept it. You immediately show that you’re a good friend by giving him/her the space they ask for!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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