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Hacks to combine school and your part-time job

A part-time job in combination with school can sometimes be quite difficult. In addition to a long day at school, you also have homework to finish and you also want to have time for your hobbies and friends. Still, you need a part-time job to save and do fun things. Curious how you can best combine this?

  1. Plan is life

Your savior is your agenda during your busy life. Sometimes you just have too much homework. Try to do your homework during class. The explanation is still fresh in your memory, and if you don’t understand something, you can immediately ask your teacher or classmate. This way you spend less time at home with it and you can do other fun things.

2. Set a goal

Combining your school and a part-time job can be very tiring. Therefore, set a goal for yourself. Why would you like to work outside of school? Do you want to save for a holiday or do you want to buy a new phone? Keep that in mind! That way you know what you’re doing and it’s easier for you to stick to it.

3. Get enough rest

It’s almost impossible to only be busy with school and your part-time job. In addition to your busy lifestyle, you should provide yourself with some relaxation. For example, spend an evening watching your favourite series, go to the gym for about an hour or meet up with friends. But don’t forget to take your rest. It’s wise to go to bed early so that you can rock your next day!

4. Part-time job and hobbies

Take a part-time job that you really enjoy doing, and in which, for example, your passion lies. You’ll then be less hesitant to go to work, and the time will pass much faster. For example, go work in a clothing store if you like fashion or, for example, give tutoring in a subject that you’re good at!

5. Clear agreements

Make good agreements with your boss and ask if you can work on vast days. You can therefore already plan these days or hours in your agenda so that you’re not faced with unpleasant surprises. Let your boss know in time when you’re going to have a busy period at school so that he can take this into account. And so your boss can arrange a replacement on time. And that’s good for both parties.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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