Struggles between two types of morning people

Getting up at the same time as your partner feels like you’ve partied all night long. Are you an evening person, but your partner isn’t? Then you certainly recognise the following struggles!

  1. Way too much energy

You’re still dreaming happily about fairies and dragons, but the other has already woken up cheerfully. They’re very eager to do something fun and start the day, whereas you prefer to sleep.

2. Travelling together is mission impossible

When your partner is ready to leave, you still have to do your hair and brush your teeth. When you’re finally slightly awake, the other person has no more energy left. And that’s where the struggle comes in…

3. You wake up early for once

And your partner looks at you as if you’ve accomplished an impossible task. Now they’re the ones being grumpy for you being up so early.

4. Never talk first or last

By the time you wake up, your partner has already had several chats with other people. The same applies when your partner is already sleeping, while you’re still chatting with your friends.

5. Lunch equals breakfast

While your partner has already spent a whole morning eating breakfast, your day has yet to begin. When you go to lunch together, this actually means breakfast for you. How about brunch instead?

6. Articles about becoming a morning person

They’re trying to change you that way, but you know just as well as they do that you’ll never change. How about you send them articles on how to become a night owl instead? Not so nice, is it?

7. Pillow talk

There’s no such thing as a pleasant chat with you two. If you’ve only just gone to bed, your partner has already been asleep for a few hours. Or vice versa.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “Struggles between two types of morning people

  1. I know from my mum and dad that they’re the complete opposite of one another and it shows whenever we try to go on holiday haha

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