Advantages and disadvantages of winter time

Time turned back an hour, and we could sleep an hour longer, party an hour longer, and work an hour longer. Although we often only mention the advantages or only the disadvantages, there are a number of both in this case. Let’s take a look!


  1. Sleep longer

Most people like the idea that you can stay in bed for an hour longer in the morning. Suppose that according to your biological clock you always wake up at 07:00, then you can continue to snooze for an extra hour in your bed. Doesn’t that sound heavily?

2. Light in the morning

You find it difficult to get out of bed because it’s probably still quite dark when you get up. Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, it’s actually a little lighter outside. This gives a better chance of daylight if you close the door behind you in the morning. Getting up will be a little easier this way. Unless you’re a real early bird!


  1. Disrupted biorhythm

Sleeping an hour longer may not be so nice after all. People can still suffer from a disturbed rhythm for days, or even weeks, after the start of winter time. The appreciation in time, and therefore daylight, can cause lethargy. That’s also the reason that people often suffer from winter depression in the winter.

2. Winter depression

People can get depressed from lack of sunlight, vitamin D, and discomfort from the cold. That depression can cause a bad rhythm and mood swings. Fortunately, it can be easily remedied by light therapy or a nice holiday in the sun. (Or the tips at the bottom of this article).

3. Mistakes

This occurs especially in older ages, and we’re talking about forgetfulness. It can therefore happen that people forget to turn back the clock and this can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and frustrations. Fortunately, almost all electronic devices adjust the time themselves.

Tips for a disturbed sleep rhythm

  1. Special alarm

Buy a special Wake Up Light alarm clock and wake up easier, fresher, and more energetic with natural daylight. The lamp will wake you up naturally, and provide light therapy. This way you wake up calmly and start the day better!

2. No naps

Don’t do power naps. In the short term, this may feel better, but in the long term, your sleep rhythm will become more and more disturbed.

3. Move more

By exercising more during the day, your body temperature drops, making you more tired in the evening. And so you will fall asleep better.

4. Go outside

Fresh air and especially natural daylight are good against the winter depression.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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