Spotify Wrapped 2021

Spotify turns your music year into a summary for you around December. Now, I do find it quite early (as it’s only the second of the month and I received mine yesterday), but my app gave me several stories to list the songs and bands I listened to and other fun facts about my music taste. So, shall we take a look at my 2021 in music?

  1. Common stats
  • Listened 75,432 minutes to music
  • Listened to 1082 different artists this year
  • Listened to 94 different genres
  • My audio aura: my top music moods are wistful and bold.

2. Top 5 genres

  • Soundtrack
  • Emo
  • Dance pop
  • Modern rock
  • Metalcore

3. My favourite song

My top song of the year is I’m Sorry by John Paesano. Up until the Wrapped, I had listened to this song 998 times.

4. Top 5 songs

  • John Paesano: I’m Sorry
  • Dio Meneghin: Teen Wolf Main Title
  • Steve Jablonsky: Taming the Dinosaurs
  • J4DE: Éphémère
  • Lil Pitchy: Livin’ for That

5. Top artist

My top artist was Thirty Seconds To Mars, being one in the top 000.1% of their listeners this year. My favourite song of theirs was Bright Lights, spending 16,870 minutes listening to their music.

6. Top 5 artists

  • Thirty Seconds To Mars
  • John Paesano
  • Falling In Reverse
  • Dead by April
  • Dino Meneghin

7. Looking back to previous years

Minutes per year:

  • 2016: 1546 minutes
  • 2017: 1173 minutes
  • 2018: 43,659 minutes
  • 2019: 41,178 minutes
  • 2020: 42,832 minutes
  • 2021: 75,432 minutes

Artists and songs per year:

  • 2016: Nathan Sykes, I Can’t Be Mad
  • 2017: Imagine Dragons: Mouth Of The River
  • 2018: Three Days Grace: Someone Who Cares
  • 2019: Skillet: Anchor
  • 2020: Thomas Newman: A Scrap of Ribbon
  • 2021: John Paesano: I’m Sorry

I honestly didn’t expect so many listened minutes! But how am I ever gonna beat that next year? Challenge accepted!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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