Not good with money? Then you’ll recognise this

We can all appreciate money: it’s the means to live, to buy the things you need to survive. One minute you’re rich because of your paycheck and the next you’re poor because you’ve spent everything. If you recognise that, it’s time to admit that you’re not good with money.

  1. As soon as you receive your paycheck, you want to go shopping. You call your best friend to make a shopping spree appointment. Time to spend that money!
  2. You look at everything you’ve bought lately and at the boxes that have just been delivered by the postman. You have a lot to clean up and find your wallet completely empty. And people warned you, yet you refused to listen.
  3. You take another look at all the items you’ve purchased, and finally start to see that you may have bought too much. Oops, maybe you should have listened to those warnings after all, huh?
  4. You look at your account and see that there’s little money left to pay the bills. Oh no, how on earth are you going to last until the end of the month?
  5. Going out with your friend? No, can’t do. Watching a film in the cinema? Why? You can also watch Netflix on the couch.
  6. You look at your account and see all the minuses appear. Oh, if only someone had taken your debit card from you…
  7. Hold on just a little longer, you’ll receive your paycheck in only a few weeks!
  8. Maybe you should look for tips to not spend all your money at once. Step one is to make an overview of all your income and expenses.
  9. The day of your paycheck is getting closer, but it’s not going fast enough for you. You’re in big trouble with a bill that needs to be paid. Maybe you should ask your parents to lend you some money?
  10. Finally, the day has come! Okay, from now on you’ll be a wise money spender. I mean, saver. Oh wait, your favourite store just announced a big sale! Oh well, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look, right? Too late, you leave the store with a full bag of freshly purchased items. Sigh…

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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