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In what ways can you make your report look longer?

Don’t take this article too seriously. It’s still important to do your job well, but a little humour every now and then should be allowed. Because we all deal with reports at some point. So many pages, so many words, you name it. And here I am with some tricks for a longer-looking report!

  1. Write out everything

The best way to get a lot of words is to literally write down every step you’ve gone through. Every detail produces extra text, so don’t hold back! In addition, you can include any information that you think is irrelevant in your report. This may sound weird, but you can always remove it at any given time.

2. Adding quotes

If your report required you to interview someone, write down some quotes said by the interviewee. It’s extra information and the reader can see that you have put in the time and effort. In addition, those words are additional ones for the word count.

3. Bigger font size

If you always use font size 11, make it a little bigger. Choose font size 13 or 14 to make your text appear longer. It can be very helpful in achieving the minimum number of pages.

4. More white

Increase the space between sentences, paragraphs, subheadings, and letters. Not very much, but a tiny bit. Your text will take up more space that way and there will be more pages.

5. Use a different font

One is bigger than the other. With some, you don’t even have to adjust the size, because the font is already huge by itself! Make sure that your text remains legible and that there’s no mandatory font in the assignment.

6. Invisible words

If you don’t know this hack yet, hold on tight! Suppose you’re a few words short, (because you haven’t reached the minimum amount) then I have a secret for you! Write a few random words under each other and make sure you make those words white. Just like the background of your page. Word will count the words, but they won’t be visible. However, make sure the words are written correctly. Otherwise, there’ll be a faint red line near the white area. And that’s kinda hard to explain.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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