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Do’s and don’ts when it comes to studying

Studying is a recurring thing when you go to school. It’s the most annoying thing to do, and you prefer doing completely different things than flipping through those dull textbooks. But if you really want to get started, you can probably use some tips. And I’m here to help you!


  • Create a quiz about the subject or have someone else make one for you. It’s less boring than reading or summarising and your brain is actively trained.
  • Start on time. This way you can spread the learning over a long(er) period. The better your planning, the better the result. Thus, you don’t have to learn all the material at once, but you do it in steps.
  • Stay focused. Use the method of 25 minutes learning, 5 minutes break.
  • Wear the outfit in which you study to your exam and try to eat the same things you ate while learning. That triggers your memory.


  • Don’t use your highlighters, highlighting has been proven not to work.
  • Repeating is okay, but endless repetitive reading isn’t. You have to understand the material from within yourself, so that you can make connections.
  • Studying through the night is pointless. When you’re tired, your brain won’t store anything.

Create a learning environment

  1. Clean up your room: make sure you have enough space and that you can’t be distracted by things or the mess around you. Grab the things you really need and leave the rest where it is.
  2. Then collect in the kitchen: Peppermint and chewing gum: which helps to increase your concentration. Chocolate and fish: to give your brain a boost. Nuts: to help create new brain cells. Blueberries: are good for short-term memory. Bananas: are good against nerves.
  3. Turn off your phone! If you’d rather not do that, at least set it to silent, do not disturb mode or airplane mode.
  4. Music: background music can help, especially if it’s classical music.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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