The things you do when you’re alone at home

The time has come: you finally have the house all to yourself. Everyone’s gone. You’ve always dreamed of an evening like this and you want to make the most of it. These are the things most people do when they are home alone!

  1. Taking pictures

Whether you’re trying on new clothes or putting on a little makeup, it’s the ideal time for many to try out all kinds of poses. There’s no one who’ll suddenly come in or laugh at you constantly. Great opportunity to fill your Instagram feed! Try the light in any room for the ultimate shot.

2. Loud music, dancing and singing

How nice is it to let loose every now and then? Put your favourite playlist on the speakers and don’t think about the neighbours for a while. You can finally put your music on the maximum volume (provided your neighbours don’t start complaining) and sing karaoke without prying eyes. Go ahead, grab your hairbrush and let those hips swing! Don’t forget to dance and sing along unabashedly!

3. Door open

You can finally relieve yourself with the door wide open. There’s no one around anyway. The toilet is so small and now you can at least stretch your legs.

4. Snacking

The snack cabinet is well stocked and you make grateful use of it. You can eat and drink whatever you feel like, without angry faces from your parents or jealous looks from your sister or brother! Get all your favourite snacks at home or even better: cook or bake your favourite meal! Nobody will say anything if you eat the whole roll of biscuits.

5. Practice with makeup

Get started with YouTube tutorials to get yourself a new makeup look. And if I have to believe the beauty bloggers (which I certainly do as no makeup wearer) that takes a lot of practice. Make your bathroom your own beauty salon and pretend you’re a real makeup artist. Take your time, because there’s no one else in the bathroom making you hurry.

6. Talking to yourself

You have no one to talk to, so you use yourself as an interlocutor. Although your pet is also a perfect conversation partner! Sometimes even better than yourself.

7. No clothes

Once you’re home alone, many people tend to take off certain items of clothing. Finally, everything can get a breath of fresh air… Literally.

8. Social media stalking

You get bored pretty quickly and grab your phone. Which crush can you stalk? Or no, even better! Stalking your ex! Let’s see which guy/girl he/she is dating right now!

9. YouTube videos

You watch one YouTube video from a specific channel, and then end up somewhere completely different. You started with a vlog, went to a prank, and ended with a tutorial on how to befriend a celebrity. Time well spent!

10. TV/film/series marathon

Now that you have the TV all to yourself, you finally have time to watch your series on the couch. You grab drinks and snacks, curl up underneath a warm blanket, and settle in comfortably for several hours. Go for a nice chick flick or watch all seasons of Gossip Girl!

11. Invite your friends

Do you find it boring to be alone? Then ask your friends to chill with you. Have a beauty day, organise a film marathon or throw a nice party. This way you can combine your home alone time with your friends for the ultimate fun experience!

12. Nothing

Let’s be honest: how often do you do absolutely nothing? Being home alone is therefore the perfect time to do nothing and to think about nothing. Totally zen!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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