Zodiac sign

Zodiac signs and their traits

Every person has a zodiac sign: depending on what day you were born in a certain month. And of course, the month itself also plays a role in this. There are 12 zodiac signs and they all have their own characteristics. Are you curious if your zodiac sign matches yours?

  1. Aquarius: loyal, unpredictable, loving, resourceful, rebellious, restless, humane, democratic, provocative.
  2. Pisces: analytical, dreamy, sensitive, empathetic, floaty, sharp, intuitive, compassionate, impressionable, unbalanced, mysterious.
  3. Aries: romantic, energetic, playful, affective, enterprising, assertive, active, spontaneous, direct, courageous, independent, impatient, egocentric, hasty, reckless, aggressive, untactical.
  4. Taurus: carefree, intense, stubborn, self-confident, decent, reliable, friendly, harmonious, musical, persistent, materialistic, practical.
  5. Gemini: principled, curious, honest, communicative, flexible, superficial, eager to learn, nervous, unstable.
  6. Cancer: merciless, sensitive, nurturing, protective, emotional, maternal, unstable, overprotective.
  7. Leo: laid-back, attention seeker, lazy, generous, creative, proud, vain, courageous, playful, confident, dramatic, self-centered, generous.
  8. Virgo: dramatic, pragmatic, detailed, communicative, critical, analytical, practical, level-headed, industrious, modest, fussy, hygienic, perfectionist, sterile.
  9. Libra: aggressive, diplomatic, harmonious, objective, indecisive, tactical, sensible, gentle, courteous, questionable.
  10. Scorpio: curious, mysterious, go-getter, thorough, closed, oversimplified, intensive, suspicious.
  11. Sagittarius: dreamy, romantic, optimistic, philosophical, future-oriented, enthusiastic, jovial, humorous, outspoken, adventurous, open-minded, idealistic.
  12. Capricorn: humorous, professional, serious, ambitious, analytical, orderly, authoritative, melancholy, modest, closed, persistent, goal-oriented, pessimistic.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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